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One-rooms flats
#102 Menzinskogo

250 UAH   
Historic centre
Water constantly hot/cold
Autonomous heating
Microwave, gas cooker, refr.

Two-rooms flats
#213 Lichakivska

300 UAH   
Historical center
Round-the-clock hot and cold water
Autonomous heating
Television set, cable television, DVD, refrigerator
Motor-car stand in a court at home

Three-rooms flats
#030 pr. Svobodi

500 UAH   
Historyc centre
Autonomous heating
Water constantly hot/cold
TV, music centre, refr.
Gas cooker, washing mach.

Four-rooms flats
#040 Soborna

500 UAH   
historic center
water const. hot/cold.
to 12 people
not less than 3 days

Погода во Львове
Map of Lviv

Lviv National Academic Opera and Ballet
Theatre. S. Krushelnytska

av. Svobody, 28
tel. (032) 272-05-83

Opera House was built in the classical tradition of using the forms and details of Renaissance and Baroque architecture, or the so-called pseudo-Viennese renaissance. Today, the current repertoire of 40 plays. About Lviv Opera heard many. There are not many opera houses, with their extraordinary past. And, perhaps, is the only opera house, which was built on a river.
Visit Lviv Opera House, while in Lviv, we think necessary in the first place.

Lviv Academic Theatre
Les Kurbas

st. Lesya Kurbasa, 3
tel. (032 ) 279-86-57

Established in 1988, Theatre Les Kurbas always had a high intellectual and unique repertoire. Theatre Les Kurbas - a unique methodological center, which has developed a series of theatrical techniques and training the actor's Psychophysics, plastics, voices. The theater was named outstanding director, actor, playwright, essayist, translator, Alexander Stepanovich (Les) Kurbas (1887-1942).

Lviv Spiritual Theatre

sq. Gen. Grigorenka, 5
tel. (032) 274-11-60

Lviv Spiritual Theatre "Resurrection" was founded in 1990 by director Jaroslav Fedorishin and a group of young actors from different cities of Ukraine. Theatre has won the favor of Lviv of the public seeking expressive theatrical language, finding new forms of theatrical display of new products and world drama. The theater was founded in 1990 by its current director Jaroslav Fedoryshinym and a group of young actors from different cities of Ukraine.

Lviv Theater of pop
miniatures "And the people and Dolls"

st. Fredra, 6
tel. (032) 274-00-25

Lviv theater pop miniatures "And the people and Dolls" is a theater, in productions that involved actors and puppets. Mission: To promote the people's national story, puppetry arts, to promote aesthetic education and spiritual development of children. The theater was created in April 1946. His performances have become the foundation and the doll of the famous Moscow Puppet Theatre named after Sergei Obraztsov.

National Academic Ukrainian
Drama Theatre. Mary Zankovetska

st. Lesi Ukrainki, 1
tel. (032) 272-05-83

The idea of building a large space for a theater owned by Count Stanislaw Skarbek. In 1842 the building. Theater was built. Testament to the 1843 Stanislaw Skarbek gives home theater town. Since 1944, this facility is constantly working corpse Theater. M. Zankovetska. In 2002, the Ukrainian government has provided zankovchanam status of the National Academic Ukrainian Drama Theatre named after Maria Zankovetska. Lviv Dramatic Theatre is one of the oldest theaters in Ukraine. This is the oldest theater in Lviv. Lvovsky theater is located in a building, a landmark building.

First Ukrainian Theater
Children and Youth

st. Gnatyuka, 11
tel. (032) 272-05-83

The building which now sits the theater was built in 1939 for the Jewish Theater. In 1944 he moved g.vo Lviv Theatre for Young Audiences, which was founded in Kharkov in 1920, convenient arrangement of the hall allows viewers to go back to the fabulous world of the play, which takes place on stage.


Located in the heart of the city at the foot of the mountain Svyatoyurskoy. Circus building in the next year will celebrate 40 years. It was erected under the guidance of architects Bakhmatov A. and M. Kanev. Is a cylindrical structure with a traditional dome.

Lviv Regional Puppet Theatre
sq. D. Galitskogo, 1
tel. (032) 272-08-32

Located in the central part of town. The theater is a museum of dolls.
The theater building was constructed in 1912 as a Chamber of Craftsmen. The basis of style was based on the motifs of Renaissance architecture in Central Europe.

House of Organ and Chamber Music
st. Bandery, 10

History of Lviv for the first time mentions the House of Organ and Chamber Music in connection with the construction of a wooden church on the site titled "100 fields. This happened in 1600. Magistrate tried to ban the construction as a fortified place on the mountain, in the hands of the enemy, could be a danger to the city.

Lviv Municipal Theatre
st. Gorodotskaya, 36
tel. (032) 233-31-80, (032) 233-31-88

Lviv Municipal Theatre was founded in 1931 in Kiev as a Ukrainian Red Army Theatre. The task group was to promote their creative work full cultural and political development of the commanders, political workers and soldiers, to attract the attention of civil viewer to the important issues of defense, promote the development of amateur in military units.

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