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One-rooms flats
#102 Menzinskogo

250 UAH   
Historic centre
Water constantly hot/cold
Autonomous heating
Microwave, gas cooker, refr.

Two-rooms flats
#213 Lichakivska

300 UAH   
Historical center
Round-the-clock hot and cold water
Autonomous heating
Television set, cable television, DVD, refrigerator
Motor-car stand in a court at home

Three-rooms flats
#030 pr. Svobodi

500 UAH   
Historyc centre
Autonomous heating
Water constantly hot/cold
TV, music centre, refr.
Gas cooker, washing mach.

Four-rooms flats
#040 Soborna

500 UAH   
historic center
water const. hot/cold.
to 12 people
not less than 3 days

Погода во Львове
Map of Lviv

Rent by the day
Daily rent apartment in Lviv, a reasonable choice and the right solution. The apartment at night in Ukraine - it is comfort, full privacy and security. To date, rent an apartment at night in Lviv is a visiting service for a more adequate and affordable than booking a room in a hotel, and this is justified by a number of objective reasons. Every human being, whether he or expense guest of the city, far from the home town wants to remain in the atmosphere of coziness and comfort of home, with the presence of necessary advanced technology, in a warm and comfortable environment, the most favorable for recreation; with a kitchen, complete electrical appliances and kitchen utensils, where, at any time, you can cook something for the soul, not tied himself to the catering facilities. It is to create maximum comfort for visitors to Lviv with business, cultural, and other study, a wide variety of targets and a service - renting apartments daily in Ukraine .. Whatever your choice, a flat necessarily repaired, and purely pleasurable. At your disposal - a refrigerator, a gas or electric stove, a microwave oven and a washing machine. None Lviv hotel did not provide the visitor opportunity feel so comfortable at home! In choosing a short-term lease, you get full freedom of movement - you are free to return to one's home at any time without the need to obtain and pass the keys to the rooms. That is why daily rentals is the ideal placement of visitors touring company or a small family. Finally, the apartment at night in Lviv may need not only to visitors but also indigenous people. Посуточно submitted apartments will allow you to meet with partners virtually on the home environment. The apartment at night in Ukraine - is security, comfort, independence and freedom for your fantasies. But do not forget that the daily rent apartments in Ukraine - an extremely popular service, so carefree about their accommodation in advance to make sure you face ...

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