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One-rooms flats
#102 Menzinskogo

250 UAH   
Historic centre
Water constantly hot/cold
Autonomous heating
Microwave, gas cooker, refr.

Two-rooms flats
#213 Lichakivska

300 UAH   
Historical center
Round-the-clock hot and cold water
Autonomous heating
Television set, cable television, DVD, refrigerator
Motor-car stand in a court at home

Three-rooms flats
#030 pr. Svobodi

500 UAH   
Historyc centre
Autonomous heating
Water constantly hot/cold
TV, music centre, refr.
Gas cooker, washing mach.

Four-rooms flats
#040 Soborna

500 UAH   
historic center
water const. hot/cold.
to 12 people
not less than 3 days

Погода во Львове
Map of Lviv

"Dniester" **** hotel
st. Mateyki, 6

Hotel "Dniester" is located in the historical part of Lviv near the old park. During 1999, partially reconstructed, to the summit of presidents, which was held in Lviv. Restaurant "Dniester" bar "Panormos" and a cafe, conference room, guarded parking lot.
Junior Suite: 900 UAH.; Suite: 1300 UAH.

"Sputnic" **** hotel
st. Knygini Olgy, 116

This 7-storeyed hotel complex, built during the Soviet era and is located in a residential area of the city of Lviv, a 20-minute drive from the city center. 199 1 and 2-bed rooms with shower, toilet, washbasin. TV is offered for an additional charge. "Suite" (a big room with a niche), Suite (two rooms), which has a telephone, TV, fridge. Restaurant, bar, parking, IDD phones, conference room.
Junior Suite: 620 UAH.; Suite: 930-1930 UAH.

"Citadel Inn" **** hotel
st. Grabovskogo, 11

Hotel Cіtadel Іnn is a living reference to the grand era of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, which combined luxury apartments and impeccable service that will satisfy all tastes and desires of even the most demanding guests.
Cost per night from 990 to 2500 UAH.

"Leopolis" hotel
st. Teatralna, 16

Located in the heart, near the Opera House. Two restaurants: "Lev" (French, Italian, Asian cuisine) and "Lion's Cellar" (a medieval atmosphere, room for up to 30 people.). Non meet modern requirements: Internet flat-screen TVs, satellite TV, mini-bar, refrigerator, safe.
Double: 600-800 UAH.; Suite: 1300 UAH.

"Vena" hotel
av. Svobody, 12

Guest rooms above a popular restaurant "Videns'ka kav'yarnya" in the heart of the city. 20 modern 2-3-bed rooms. In each - air conditioning, cable TV, telephone, bathroom with shower. In the lobby - Internet access. His parking there.
Suite: 600 UAH.; Apart.: 650-700 UAH.

"Swiss" *** hotel
st. Knyazya Romana

The three-star hotel "Swiss" is located in the heart of the city. Narrow streets of Lviv, which over hundreds of years, sheltering from the hotel to the daily hustle and bustle. At the same time, it is located near the central avenue, which makes it ideal for business travel, romantic travel and just the long-awaited vacation. With this location, the hotel, you can easily get anywhere in the city.
The hotel has 20 standard rooms, superior single and double, junior suites and suites. Each room has a private bathroom, air conditioning, cable TV, telephone, Internet.

"Getman" *** hotel
st. Vladymira Velikogo, 50

Located at 8 km. from the center of the city of Lviv in the atmosphere and the low level of service. At the Hotel has a restaurant, parking, bar and conference room. All rooms have shower, toilet, TV, telephone.
Suite 750 UAH.; Suite 850 UAH.

"Enay" *** mini-hotel
st. Shimzerov, 2

Hotel Aeneas is located near the medical university in the cemetery in Lychakovsogo Hotel has a restaurant, bar and summer terrace. Additionally you can order: pool, fitness equipment, sauna, outdoor swimming pool, parking. In the rooms: satellite TV, telephone, refrigerator, mini bar, bathroom.
Superior: 850-980 UAH.; Suite: 1150-1450 UAH.

"NTON" *** hotel
st. Shevchenko, 157

Modern hotel with 77 rooms located near the center of the city of Lviv in promyshlennry zone near a busy highway and international close to the railway junction. The hotel has a pizzeria, San Remo, room service, fitness complex "Pharaoh", free parking, internet, business center, conference room, currency exchange. In room telephone, satellite TV, air conditioner, refrigerator, shower or bath, hair dryer, hot and cold water round the clock.
Junior Suite: 450 UAH.; Suite: 600 UAH.

"Zamok leva" *** hotel
st. Glynki, 7

A small hotel located near the center of Lviv two historic buildings 14 comfortable guest rooms with all amenities, restaurant and banquet hall.
Junior Suite: 850 UAH.; Suite: 1250 UAH.

"Opera" **** hotel
av. Svobody,45

The building, which is now a modern hotel, built in 1875 on the draft Emmanuel Gall. In the mid 20's. the last century it was the first hotel in Lviv, each issue of which was equipped with telephones. Later it was renamed to "Dnepr" and under this name he remained until the mid 90's.
Rooms: 51 rooms. Two restaurants at 50 and 80 sites (oriental and European menu). Meeting with first-class equipment, meeting room.
Single :700-800 UAH.; Double: 900-1100 UAH.

"Grand Hotel" **** hotel
av. Svobody, 13

Located in the heart of Lviv, close to the famous monuments of history and culture. Built in 1892 by architects E. Germatnika and L. Marconi, Grand Hotel organically combines the classic style of the nineteenth century with the comfort of a modern hotel. Grand Club "Sofia" includes a Restaurant "Grand Hotel" and "Alpaca", piano bar, disco bar "Platinum", a casino, a fitness center with sauna, swimming pool, jacuzzi, solarium and gym.
Junior Suite: 1200 UAH.; Suites: 1600-2300 UAH.

"Volter" *** hotel
st. Lipynskogo, 60

The new and modern Hotel located near the entrance to Lvov from Kiev. Multi-storey completely renovated building, stylish interior, a mirrored elevator. European level of service. Works restaurant. Comfortable rooms with modern furniture, bath appliances, cable TV, telephone. There are two room suites superior.
Junior Suite: 600 UAH.; Suite: 750 UAH.

"Tourist" hotel
st. Konovaltsa, 103

Located in the old part of town, a 15-minute drive from downtown. There is a bar, buffet, bowling, sauna, conference hall for 35 seats, parking. All rooms with private facilities, TV, cosmetic repair. There is improved with new furniture. Hot and cold water on schedule.
Single room: 200 UAH., Double: 250 UAH.; Two-room suites: 350 UAH.

"At Burger" hotel
st. Franko, 73

The hotel opened in 2001. Located 10 minutes walk from the city center in the building of the 19 th century. The first floor is the restaurant into three rooms, a bar, parking. 2-bed rooms with private facilities (four rooms with shower, two rooms with private bathroom) and one 2-room apartment suites. Hot and cold water.
Junior Suite: 600 UAH.; Suite: 900-1050 UAH.

"Stariy Krakow" hotel
st. Shpitalna, 21

"Stariy Krakow "- a small and cozy hotel, which recently opened in the center of the city of Lviv - offers comfortable one, two triple rooms with private facilities. It is located in a renovated three-story house in the middle of a nice photopicture.
Single: from 380 UAH.; Double: from 440 UAH.

"Valentino" restaurant-hotel
st. Nizankovskogo

Mini-hotel and restaurant "Valentino". Located on the second and third floor above the restaurant in the building of the XIX century in the heart of the city. The rooms - great beds, nice bathrooms, TV and other amenities.
Suite 980, Suite: 1100 UAH.

"Tuskan" ** hotel
st. Lubinska, 168а

Located near the airport. They work hairdresser, laundry, massage. For meetings and conferences - business center for 25-30 seats. The hotel has parking, a cafe-bar. The rooms of different categories with TV, refrigerator and telephone.

"Nataly 18" hotel
st. Knyazya Osmomysla, 7

4-storey building in the heart of the city. A total of 22 rooms. There is a single, ordinary double, double deluxe and junior suite. Works restaurant - 4 rooms on two floors, including the banquet for 3-4 persons.
Single room: 400 UAH.; Deluxe Double: 700 UAH.

"Lviv" hotel
av. Chornovila, 7

Located in the heart of the city, 150 meters from the Opera House. Service level - below the average. 8-story building built in 1965 without reconstruction, equipped with elevators, a spacious hall. Restaurant, cafe, gaming arcade and a disco bar on the 1 st floor, two snack bars on the 3 rd and 6 th floors, cafe-bar on the 4 th floor, hairdressing salon, sauna. Near the hotel has paid parking. 1-a, 2, 3-bed rooms with washbasin (toilet and shower). There are renovated, with all amenities and facilities such as "Junior" in which there are telephones, TV, refrigerators. Hot water is on schedule.
Suite: 450 UAH.

"Eurohotel" hotel
st. Tershakovtsev, 6a

Located in the old part of town, just 15 minutes walk from the center. There are a restaurant, bar, hairdresser, safety deposit boxes. On the contrary there is paid parking. The hotel is not renovated, interiors and furniture - from the Soviet era. There are rooms with private facilities, TV, fridge. Hot water - on schedule.
Standard - 350 UAH.

"Vlasta" hotel
st. Cleparivska, 30

Located just 20 minutes walk from the city center. 12-storey building built in 1976, equipped with elevators. The hotel has two bars, a restaurant with 170 seats, hairdresser, laundry, conference hall with 80 seats. 2-bed rooms with private facilities and 1-on, 2-bed rooms with all conveniences and TV (there are rooms with and without repair). In the 1-local is also a telephone and a refrigerator. Just a few 1-on local junior suites with all amenities and 2-rooms suites with refrigerators, TV and telephones. No repairs. Hot water is on schedule.
Junior Suite: 375 UAH.; Suite: 450 UAH.

Hotel on Staroevreyska

Performed in an unrivaled style of the old Lviv, in the heart of the city, they attract tourists, visitors and its inhabitants, its architecture and elegant interior, which breathes antiquity, and every detail is committed grand luxury that you will be able to enjoy.
Twenty-four hours from 500 to 1300 UAH.

Iren apartments ***

Show romanization
Located in a quiet historical district
The house was restored and renovated to preserve the architecture and style, characteristic of late 19 th century. The hotel has 14 double suites, 4 double rooms and 9 single rooms. Most of the apartments consists of a room and hallway. In the hall equipped with kitchen space, which makes it possible to prepare yourself and ensure the safety of products. The hotel has a room for seminars, meetings and conferences for 30 people.
Cost per night from 350 to 550 UAH.

Svyatoslav **** hotel

Located near the center of the city. Hotel "Svyatoslav" offers you to choose exactly the number that best matches your mood and perception of comfortable rest. Each room has TV, shower and toilet. Booking a room taken directly from the restaurant.
For your convenience breakfast in the rooms on the upper level you can enjoy wonderful views from the large balconies.
Room rates check with the administrator

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