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One-rooms flats
#102 Menzinskogo

250 UAH   
Historic centre
Water constantly hot/cold
Autonomous heating
Microwave, gas cooker, refr.

Two-rooms flats
#213 Lichakivska

300 UAH   
Historical center
Round-the-clock hot and cold water
Autonomous heating
Television set, cable television, DVD, refrigerator
Motor-car stand in a court at home

Three-rooms flats
#030 pr. Svobodi

500 UAH   
Historyc centre
Autonomous heating
Water constantly hot/cold
TV, music centre, refr.
Gas cooker, washing mach.

Four-rooms flats
#040 Soborna

500 UAH   
historic center
water const. hot/cold.
to 12 people
not less than 3 days

Погода во Львове
Map of Lviv

Monument to Alexander Fredro

In Lviv, the place where now stands a monument to Mikhail Hrushevsky (once - the area of academic now - Prospect Shevchenko), was a monument to Alexander Fredro. The monument was designed by the renowned sculptor Leonardo Marconi Lviv.

Monument to Smile

In Lvov, str. Armenian installed an interesting monument, a monument to smile. It's a smiling fish. Sculpture adorns the entrance to the Lviv art group "Dziga" and is available for inspection for all visitors to coffee shops and galleries.

Monument to Adam Mickiewicz

Adam Mickiewicz Monument in Lviv is located on the square bearing the name of the poet. The area is located in the heart of the city of Lviv, it is possible to enter from the avenue of Liberty.

Monument to Stepan Bandera

The monument to the leader of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists, Stepan Bandera - a controversial personality in Ukrainian history - in Lviv opened October 13, 2007 during the celebration of 65 anniversary of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA).

Monument to King Danilo Galitsky

This name is a monument to the founder of the Lvov Prince Daniel Romanovich of Galich, subsequently proclaimed korolem.Daniil Galich was born in 1201. He was the son of Prince Roman Mstislavovitch from the Galician branch of the Rurik.

Monument to Mikhail Hrushevsky

Mikhail Sergeyevich Grushevskii - one of the most educated men of his time, a famous public figure, a man respected by just two countries - Ukraine and Russia.

Monument of Valor doctors

Official History of Medicine in Lvov has its origins in the late XVI century. Even then, there existed a school where trained lekarskomu case. In 1661 was created by one of the oldest in Europe and the first in Ukraine Lviv University.

Monument police officers

Lviv - the place where from time to time passions are raging because of the historical mix of peoples in its territory. Here, each defending their national identity, are set and take down memorials, fighting for his friendship with neighbors or dislike them.

The monument to Ivan Fedorov

According to one version, Ivan Fyodorov was from Petkovic was born on the border of modern Minsk and Brest regions around 1510. Received a bachelor's degree in the University of Cracow.

Monument to Ivan Horseshoe

Monument to Ivan Horseshoe installed in Lviv on the street. Rosa Luxemburg.
Monument Ataman Ivan Horseshoe - is further evidence of Ukrainian revival. In the city of Lvov, he appeared in 1982. The author works - Lviv sculptor Peter Kulik.

Monument to Taras Shevchenko

In every town there is a place where the newlyweds to take pictures to remember such a place in Lviv is a monument to TG Shevchenko, who is set on the prospect of freedom in Lviv.

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