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One-rooms flats
#102 Menzinskogo

250 UAH   
Historic centre
Water constantly hot/cold
Autonomous heating
Microwave, gas cooker, refr.

Two-rooms flats
#213 Lichakivska

300 UAH   
Historical center
Round-the-clock hot and cold water
Autonomous heating
Television set, cable television, DVD, refrigerator
Motor-car stand in a court at home

Three-rooms flats
#030 pr. Svobodi

500 UAH   
Historyc centre
Autonomous heating
Water constantly hot/cold
TV, music centre, refr.
Gas cooker, washing mach.

Four-rooms flats
#040 Soborna

500 UAH   
historic center
water const. hot/cold.
to 12 people
not less than 3 days

Погода во Львове
Map of Lviv

Lviv pharmacy museum
st. Drukarskaya, 2
tel. (032) 2720041

There are a lot of pharmacies in Lviv, but there is one feature not located Rinok Square. Visiting it, you can get rid of ailments without taking drugs. Recover from the emotions after visiting the pharmacy museum in Lviv. Pharmacy Museum was founded in 1735 by a military pharmacist, master Natorp.

Lviv History Museum
sq. Rinok, 6
tel. (032) 2720671, (032) 2723836

As you read this review about the museums of Lviv, it is probably already heard something about the city of Lviv, or previously interested in this unique city. Therefore should have been met, that the city of Lviv - a royal city.

Literary - memorial museum of Ivan

st. I. Franco, 150
tel. (032) 2767760, (032) 2764417

A hundred years ago people could hear it, so let's listen at least we do!
Every nation has a constant that determines its uniqueness and originality among the diversity of the peoples of the world.

The Memorial Museum of Mikhail Grushevskiy
st. I. Franco, 154
tel. (032) 2767852

You came out of the museum of Ivan Franko? From house number 152 on the eponymous street? If you have time, go into the house next door at number 154. This is a state memorial museum of the First President Mikhail Sergeyevich Grushevskiy. An association is interesting, is not it?

Music and Memorial Museum of Solomea

st. S. Krushelnitskoy, 23
tel. (032) 2729296

1904, May 28 ... Giacomo Puccini - Solomiya Krushelnytska. Although rather Solomiya Krushelnytska, and only then by Giacomo Puccini. Seventeen outputs an encore! It was a "second premiere" of the opera "Madame Butterfly".

Lviv Art Gallery
st. Stefanika, 3
tel. (032) 2723948

Can not believe it, but Lviv Art Gallery - the largest art museum in Ukraine!
Short dry statistics: 24 buildings, 16 existing museums, 58 thousand exhibits, the total area of more than 40 thousand square meters. m. (as much as take all the museums of Kiev together).

Lviv National Museum
A. Sheptitskogo

av. Svobodi, 20
tel. (032) 2728960, (032) 2742283

The National Museum in Lviv - one of the most significant monuments in the treasures of Ukrainian national culture and art - founded in 1905 by Metropolitan Andrey Sheptitsky first as a private foundation called the Church Museum, and from December 13, 1913 a solemn act donated to the Ukrainian people as The National Museum in Lviv. At present, the museum has over 100,000 items, representing the age-old traditions of Ukrainian art and national culture.

Beer Museum in Lviv

I remember, those who went to Lvov, often asked to bring a souvenir: a bottle of the famous Lviv beer. Not surprising that in Lviv in October 2005 opened the only Ukrainian Museum of Brewing.

Museum "Mermaids Transnistria"
st. Kopernika, 40
tel. (032) 2724796

Surprisingly still compact city of Lviv! One has only to withdraw from the Art Gallery, as here, a little higher (on st. Copernicus, 40), another museum - "Mermaids Transnistria" (one of the branches, by the way, own gallery). And next - Main Post Office building, occupying an entire block...

Museum of Ethnography and Art

av. Svobodi, 15
tel. (032) 2727012

Exposition of the Lviv Museum of Ethnography and arts and crafts collected from a deep taste and skill. It will reveal to you the variety not only arts and crafts of Ukraine, but also the wealth of spiritual culture of the people of our country.

Lviv Museum of the History of Religion
sq. Museyna, 1
tel. (032) 2727682, (032) 2729100

Good, justice, spirituality - the eternal human values. At the beginning of the XXI century religion is experiencing a real renaissance. What is the phenomenon of religion? When and how did it come about? How has spread to cities, different countries around the world?

Lviv powder tower

Lviv powder tower is one of the oldest buildings in Lviv, wall thickness up to two meters. Lviv powder tower is located on st. Basement.
In this article, you can see photos of Lviv Powder Tower and feedback about this architectural monument.

Museum "Arsenal"
st. Pidvalna, 5
tel. (032) 2721901

Lviv Museum of the Arsenal attracts a large number of tourists, fans and especially knives.
Arsenal was built in 1555, but almost completely destroyed by fire in 1571. The building, which survived until the present day, built already in 1574 - 1575 gg In the arsenal, not only kept but also made and repaired weapons.

Postal Museum in Lviv
sq. Rinok, 2

Lviv Postal Museum is the first such museum in Ukraine. This museum was opened in Lviv, not so long ago - in December 2008. Museum established in the former premises of the oldest in Eastern Europe.

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